Meaning of life

Today, for the first time ever, I spontaneously woke up at 5 am. I got up. Proud. So I could enjoy those 2 extra hours I gave to myself. I made up my face, my hair. Eau de parfum on. Lights out. Curtains fully opened. My camera and my computer were already inside my “training suit” bag. Pens, notebooks. Drawings all over the year in my agenda. I left home at 6 am. Grabbed a flower at my neighbor’s garden. Pink. First week of spring. I feel now what I would have felt in Canada if I had made it till the end of the winter. I didn’t. I left Canada before all that could happen. There was no sun in the sky at this time of the morning. No good feelings. But now it’s different. I don’t need a cigarette between my pointy fingers. I don’t need pod. I just need to look through the window, watch the sun feed all the flowers with its light. By the end of December, all there was in Canada were naked trees. No leaves on the ground cause they swipe it all away. Organic trash. Then comes the snow and freezes that all. Why should we put our hands on what the nature has a way of keeping untouched? You just need to sit and enjoy the view. Problem is: everything is gray, black, white and brown. If you are lucky you will see a super model on a pink giant coat. Like Macklemore, or something like that. Tiger print. No dresses. Pants over pants. Now I don’t need all that. What I need is inside my traveling purse. I don’t need the snow, I don’t need anything! I have everything.
God gave me the chance to choose. He blesses me every day with the sun and the song of the birds. He gave me the opportunity to pick up which life to follow. Drugs, snow, no colors in the sky; except for the stars in the night of the north hemisphere. That’s it or the life I chose. And trust me when I tell you I chose correctly. I don’t need to sleep late. I don’t need fire inside my living room. I need a fan. I need fresh air that comes from the south. All the way from the beaches, than climbs the mountains and gets here. It makes you feel alive. You look in the mirror and there is color in your cheeks. No dead skin cause of the cold. No bags under my eyes. I have brightness when I look at you. You feel the positivity entering you. You feel joy.

Getting ready to sleep. Full day tomorrow :/// #fightingforus #farewell1 #me #missfarewell #redvelvet


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